The Do Tank “Digital Ladies & Allies” aims to promote diversity of talent in Tech and increase the number and visibility of women in this field from an early age.

Our conviction is strong: by depriving 50% of its population, France (like other countries) won’t be able to meet the enormous challenges related to this 4th industrial revolution that will upset the world we know today.

It’s urgent. For more than 30 years, parity in the digital sectors has deteriorated. Only 33% of employees in the Tech industry are women, 75% of whom are in support roles (HR, administration, finance, communication, etc.). Less than 10% of startups in tech are founded by women.

If we do not act, there is a real risk of increased marginalization of women. According to a US study, 47% of jobs would be eliminated by the digital revolution, jobs mostly held by women today. The new positions will be mainly created in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), education sectors where only 19% of the workforce is female according to the OECD.

Through this White Paper “Mixity & Digital Efficiency“, the Digital Ladies & Allies have chosen to act with a slogan: “DUGNAD”, which dignifies in my mother tongue, Norwegian, to mobilize together for the community.

Collectively and individually, we have the duty to carry out all actions in favor of digital diversity and to support initiatives with a positive impact on our society. The issue is the future of our country and of humanity.

Merete Buljo , Founding President Digital Ladies & Allies